EL Chapo

Hook : ShaddyNtwana

EL Chapo gon'body you niggas /
EL Chapo gon'fuck with Gustavo and Pablo , El Chapo gon'fuck with the winners /
He be in the city , the bitches ride wimme / El Chapo got uzzi's and sticks /
Don't fuck with law he be shooting the cops in the jungle man he the gorilla/
My homie El Chapo he wear faregamo
He don't fuck with Kapa and shit /
Talk about tragedy , murder your family Chapo gon'stick to the plan /
Word on the streets he be friends with the cops and he got cocaine in demand /
Chasing the bag chasing the profit , got all his M's in the bank/
Runs the economy , this be a prodigy
Don't think you boys understand/
Hiding all my money in the ceiling when the police tryna get man I know they'll never find it /
Escaping outta prison be the mission
Better listen I got all these people outchea tryna save me /
Turning water into wine like Jesus yeah /
They're kneeling down whenever they need us /
EL Chapo runs the city
Hope you get it
And if you don't
Spare your life cz I know you'll never make it

Verse 1 : Jiggi G
They call me a dealer , andizwani namasimba ,
Hakuna matata the devil wears Prada
Oh god yeah I've seen him (El Chapo)
International crime syndicate ,
He's a dealer with some billions ,
Bag the product then you move in silence
Always look behind you that's how real it gets ,
I ain't no drug dealer but I gotta get the bag homie ,
I got some snakes in my life that fucked around turned their back on me,
You niggas can't do it like this ,
You can hmu for a fix ,
But Dawg you should know that it comes with a price , an arm or a leg or even yow life
Verse 2 : KD4A
Got that cocaina
Cc came with visas
Come on mamcita
You so hot like geyser

Verse 3 : Shaddy Ntwana
He make you gone in one night
The shit that he do it ain't right
He take your soul and your life ,
Oh he take your soul and your life
Get the money yeah we see the vision
Thought I told you but you never listen
We ain't losing we forever winning
All you niggas be no competition

Verse 4 : KD4A
Where he get this coke and money baby  I don't know
Bitches straight from mexico be blowing up his phone
I don't know
What's going on
Make you disappear like David Blane and hes gone

Verse 5 : Shaddy Ntwana

Don't do him wrong don't you ever do him wrong
Thought you were gon'see me in a cell oh boy you wrong