In My African Dream

Globally, Clegg is probably best recalled for "Scatterlings of Africa," understandably the leadoff track here. If not his manifesto (which was established long before his international fame), it makes his point, the mixing of rock and Zulu music, quite succinctly and wonderfully -- and he was doing it long before it became fashionable (indeed, while it was illegal under South Africa's apartheid laws). You can't say this is a perfect best-of, by any means, but it does include the lovely "Take My Heart Away" and "Great Heart," which would later be covered by Jimmy Buffett. The a cappella version of "Dela" highlights the gorgeous harmonies in a manner similar to Ladysmith Black Mambazo, while "Asimbonanga (Mandela)" is a tribute to the man who would be South Africa's new leader, and a real hero. So, even if this doesn't have seminal Clegg material like "Waza Friday" and "Impi," it's still a very decent collection. Johnny Clegg & Savuka were always about more than the music, however; they put it together politically, too, a huge act of defiance that was reflected in the lyrics and sound. As the man said, think and dance.