Corrections (Gentle T Diss)

“–Rest in peace Savage Prince. You ain't dead but to me you are.”
“–Savage Prince, stop feeling yourself and pull up your bra.”
“–It took me more than 24 hours to write ‘Hello’. I wonder what's up with you, Prince. Tell whoever's helping you with the track to hurry up.”

I know how niggas feel when my phone takes them to voicemail.

[Verse 1]
Pick up your call.
Hello, I hear a party jam.
This beef is invalid.
Motherfucker, close the butchery.
Tryna climb the steps to the top.
I'm the sorcery.
You can never use me, because this' the end of you.
My rap game pistol.
You play Kofi Kingston.
This' a ring of the beast, yeah, you in a wrong misery.
I am a legend.
Just got tired of the bars.
When I raise 'em—ICU with the scars.
More than 15 songs, that's 15 inches.
You the fan that will blow, then I decorate your face with my kinda inner glow.
Imma give you aquafresh 'cause your verse smells dirty.
Tryna represent your hood with a pre-school colour book.
I'm man enough to keep it cool and never fuck the beats.
I end you fast like Somizi's late autobiography.
Then forget you like a dead rat in the streets.
Your rap game cold, I'm about to defreeze you with these higher degrees—I'm raising quickly with ease.
I might as well consolidate your grammar.
Got some baby momma drama.
Bitch, I wasn't there when you opened your legs very wide.
Suck your fucken pride, in this marriage you the bride.
This is your demise.
This is how you pay the prize.
Your diss was so weak, only lasted for an hour.
I'm used body bagging bigger meat, you a chicken.
Gentle T, I'm the only rapper that you wishing to-to be, yeah, you looking up to me.
I'm sorry that I couldn't take your calls for a picture.
I'm sorry that I never call a lame for a feature.
My name is your way outta struggle and depression.
My name is the reason you be seeing your progression.
If you not scared, musu'wara k'sazonyiwa.
Yeah, I'm sleeping on your songs and forgot to get a job.
Kinda broke but I got your girl sipping on my semen.
I was hitting, she went on to say, “Oh Simon.”
I am bitter, I never let my niggas lie to me.
I pose a threat to every nigga not unless you overlooking.
Only brave young nigga that has went against the gun.
Shots fired to you.
Face on the floor with your whole career.
I'm bullet proof, nigga.
See, your bullets recochet.
I hope you have a cover 'cause your momma will be whipping tears.

[Verse 2]
This is not a diss, it's pure rap Corrections.
After this, it's peace because this beef is one sided.
One jab—feels like some career success.
But I'm still humble regardless.
When they ask you about Savage; tell them he made you.
I'm God, bitch!
I thought you knew better, but now I'm correcting your mistakes.
My pen game solid like the Wailing Wall.
You can never stop me.
And put your panties back, I'll never fuck with you.
Went on to mentioning TheMajor.
At least we both know our places.
It's like Khama Billiat tryna get between Messi and CR7.
I'm not done...

Bitch, stop!