Don't Wake Me


I've been dreaming about,
The good times that we had yesterday.
We danced under the stars,the next morning nothin was ever the same.

You pushed you luck
Put your hands on mine
While we danced all ni-i-ight under the stars.
It felt so right being in your arms,
But I wanna know...

This could be love...
Or am I dreaming about us
It's been a while,I felt this alive

And don't wanna wake up
I don't wanna wake up
Don't wake me baby
Don't wanna wake up ,
Don't wake me babe (×2)

I can't help Thinkin about,
The good grips that you had on my skin.
I felt so alive,I don't wanna lose this feeling.

(Pre-hook & hook)

If I am dreamin about last night.
I wanna keep it with me till the day i die,
Cause I don't wanna
Lose it
Lose it
Lose the spark
Or lose our love
When you pushed your luck,
If felt so right...
When you put your hands on mine and we danced all through the night