Sands Of Time

SAND’S album has yet again broken records as 1500 copies were printed and sold last week.

The Sands of Time album reached high demand the first week of its release in November when it sold 500 copies in three days.

Although there had been complaints from other South African media houses where they lodged complaints to his manager that people are failing to locate the album, Sand’s manager Phila Koshini has come out to assure fans that they will be printing more copies in order to meet the growing demand.

The hit ‘Tigi’ has been on the top at Ligwalagwala FM Top 20 charts for three weeks running and renowned broadcaster Madumane has not stopped singing praises about the album ever since.

Madumane is the one who told listeners of the radio channel that Sands album was nowhere to be found in South Africa but Koshini made a quick response as he told the broadcaster that the album was available in selected music stores both in South Africa and Swaziland.

Swazis have also felt the sting of looking for the album in vain as it has ran out in some of the prescribed shops.

Koshini came to the rescue yet again as he said they have now opted to printing copies of the album weekly in order to meet the high demand.


# Title Length
2 Vuma 5:25
3 Lapha Kami 3:57
5 Tigi 5:22

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