Shantel (Prod. by Samuel Phoenix)

Samuel Phoenix

Shantel : The Approach (2017)

Shantel - Samuel Phoenix

Cannot get you outta my dreams.
Always think about you when I sleep.
'though we're not in a relationship but it's still hard for me to cheat.
I'm Not saying that I'm willing to.
But It's amazing how I feel about you...
You've been running through my mind.
All day marathon.
Girl will you be mine?
Coz I dig you you're a platinum.
I want you to be my bae...
Girl you drive me crazy.
If anyone asks why I'm tripping so badly.
Coz I'm obsessed, obsessed with Shantel so badly.

Damn! I've never felt like this before.

Fell in love and broke my damn leg.
I guess love was in the air, I flew too long and now I'm jet lag.
Started in my head, and I guess I let my feelings spread.
Lying in my bed but I need the hospital instead.
I think I'm dying so it's urgent.
I need attention so don't call a love doctor I need a surgent.
Check how my heart is beating, is it still working.
Cought in every moment I'm in cardiac arrest.
One hell of a cop, you should join the feds.
I will never feel the same behind my chest.
One hell of a doc I don't need no meds.
I will never feel the same behind my chest.
No bulletproof vest could ever block such bullets.
She went to the same academy as cupid.
I'm so love struck, I'm about to lose it (x2)

Damn! I've never felt like this before.