I'm here

I'm here (Prod. by Mr Khally)

Sam Dominic aka YOUNG STER

Yung Star (2016)


I'm here lyrics
(Sam Dominic aka Youngster)


You wanna me to do this right?

Verse 1
lift your head baby
am never gon let you fall
open your eyes am the God
I'm here for you
My God and God is God and God alone
Hold unto him when you think you re alone
All this suffer uve been through
God will always see you through
when you've gat to trust in him

he will never let you down
never be afraid or scared when the sky is falling
weeping may endure the night buh joy comes in the morning
when you're in trauma just remember that God is here
never cease to pray I know that's a criteria
Though uve been down on your weakness he will never let you down
am here by your side and that's all I hear him say
the apha and Omega will never never just let you fall
All he's saying my son jst hold unto me better days ahead of you if only you trust in me
I'm rite here with you baby am never am never