The New Era Sessions

The hotly anticipated debut LP from Pretoria MC Rouge the Rapper, The New Era Sessions, promises to lock in this rising rhymer's spot as a leader in female-led rap. Over a shifting sonic landscape of skittering trap beats, club-ready hooks and fat 808-fed boom-bap, Rouge establishes an empowered feminine stance by delivering fierce, yet liquid-smooth rhymes, establishing her street cred, taking shots at rivals and dropping life lessons. Amid a disquieting swirl of thunderous bass and snapping high-hats, Rouge’s voice emerges clear and untouched.


# Title Length
5 Déjà Vu 4:19
7 Dololo 4:12
12 No Strings 4:03
13 Mbongo-Zaka 4:56
14 Sheba Ngwan O 3:26

Album Reviews

This album is absolutely amazing, it has a different feel to it, compared to other hip hop albums. The artist herself has a lot to offer, the instrumentals, voice...