Solid Gold

It has been quite some time
since they saw twenty nine
but the spirit moves them just as ever
The years they fall away
with every song they play
where the kids are at don't touch them now

It could be better and it could be worse
it'll come together by the second verse
no-ones scared of growing old
the dads rock out
and it's solid gold

The torch was long passed on
but they're still going strong
though rock and rolls not where it used to be
It seems that these concerns
diminishing returns
Are not allowed inside the tent tonight


And it's a beautiful thing
now everything's in tune and
all the guitars sing
Like vintage cars shining bright
on a Sunday drive
Everybody smiles as they pass by

It's late on Friday night
the folks have had a fight
Dad's drinking beer alone in the kitchen
He's playing like a dream
along to the Best of Cream
and tomorrow night
he'll do it all for real