Diamond of a Day

The new album, "Diamond of a Day", absorbs the influences of his previous acoustic soul recordings into the big and bold strokes of an immediate pop record. The various influences on Auld's work, from the established canon of the singer/songwriter to the Southern African, blues and Celtic guitar styles that continue to inspire him, are represented throughout the 13 melody driven tracks all underpinned by his distinctive vocal and guitar phrasings.

It features his Cape Town rhythm section of Peter Cohen (drums) and Nelson Barbosa(bass) on the tracks laid down at Dave Birch's studio in the tropical heat of Durban, and also several tracks recorded in New York featuring Manhattan based SA drum and bass legends Anton Fig and Keith Lentin.

The various songwriting styles of pop, blues, country and African have merged into a mix of roots and pop influences where mbqanga rhythms pulse under Celtic melodies, high life guitar lines mix with country, blues groove tunes and straight ahead pop songs display Auld's love of counterpoint and harmony. ..all while keeping his casual one-take production philosophy


# Title Length
1 Beautiful Things 3:52
2 Kiss It Off 3:41
3 Slip Away 3:10
4 Solid Gold 3:21
5 Long Lost 3:42
7 All the Girls Cried 4:42
8 Colonel and Me 3:17
9 I Got Lucky 3:16
10 Court of Mary 2:38
11 Bobby Come Back 3:12
12 When U Were In Love 3:02
13 Weather 3:56