Stay Shining EP

This project is for all the fans who have supported me through all the ups and downs this year. All the people who have been by my side, cheering me on and inspiring me to keep going in times where I feel like burying my head in the sand. If it wasn't for people like you I would've given up on this dream long time ago But you hold me up firm and for that I am forever grateful. My 2018 album will probably be my last one so before we get there I thought I should give you a collection of songs as a token of my appreciation. Thank you to everybody who contributed to this EP. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


# Title Length
2 Joy 4:53
3 Stay Shining 5:59
4 Buy it out 2:32
5 Pick You Up 3:41
6 Vapors 4:24
7 Murdah 3:34
8 Buy It Out (Remix) 8:31

Album Reviews


its shit fam. I got the hardcopy at a club where Riky himself was dishing them out. i use it as a coaster for my coffee mug. Thank you Riky.