Wokay (Prod. by Loxcks Beats)


Banned From Television (2017)


Just look at my style homie
i got the whole 9 on me
i'm wearing my rings that bling in gold, it looks like a mine's on me
is that why you dig my hits
if so, let me flick my wrist
your girl on my nerves and shit
she's way to attached and shit
i'm calling on Rackey like "ring ring", relocate to the traphouse
Cody betting his money on JSE, yeah we out to get cash now
with no dirt on the cash dawg
makes it easy to cash out
i'm finna quadruple your lawyer money, i might open a firm now
was told but still didn't believe there's rappers that don't afford whips
But even when the car was leased, your girls would still wanna hop in
well hop in baby, with no strings, hop in
waist small, ass fat, white, black, hop in
But then again, i'm focused on buying some immigrants
i'm talking about benz and YSL
St. Laurent though i'm not a saint
Jesus piece though i'm not saved
Bright starts in a dark Wraith
Balmain or Balmain?
Man who care's when you finally paid...(hol'up)

I'm like an oven door the way i'm packing heat
Skhathele u'kudli bench
iSkhati sok'dli cheese
cards decline everytime a kgomsha tried to swipe
but now siya spana, pusha panda everything should be...


Got a custom design sweater, i really outdid myself
could be out on a red carpet, still feel like i'm overdressed
my women are straight 10's, and they all got a spray tan
'cause they dark as my lungs fam, you can love, but trust them
i'm sipping on blue label, not everyone can relate
shout the girls from my old days, i remember yall though i'm bad with names
i'm buying everything, but still i aint buying face
i could buy anything, but no, not a wedding ring
when its our time, bonke o guluva move one side
iy'tjapa no skolopad, iy'ngani ey'ncane, nonke nje one side
kwa fika thina ya qcali' party
sa khanyisi'ndawo like light bulbs
ng'funa no Khanyi Mbau, la'phambi kwam
i refuse to be outdone