SuperModel Gyal

SuperModel Gyal (Prod. by PopEye, HighergradeBeats and Wuru)


Banned From Television (2017)



I've been longing for your love baby (on the real, real, real, it feels like antidote,K)
i hope one day we meet in person (I've seen you naked, but we ain't fucking though, K)
We ain't fucking but I've seen you naked (on Vogue, on Elle, broadcasted to the world, K)
I fell in love with a cover girl x2 (I need nothing short of loving, loving)


Hollywood gave you an uplift, you're never home like a tourist
ducking these scandals and journalists, but all that is part of the business
yeah, hard as steel, but fragile behind the scenes
won't let the world see, can't let the world see
so the windows tinted in a European
wheels and Heels European
her close Friend is European
you would swear shes European
but she's from America...yeah, i'm from the Motherland
The Southern of Africa, yeah, where the best of the best at, yeah!

We could be a close knit, if i'm out to get it, then i don't quit
Say it's love that you feel, but you know this
Its a humorous way to show it (woo!)

Catch me at Zone6, in the V-VIP, with my whole clique
we be smoking and sipping on Trojan
still like 20, But damn i'm a grown kid

Girl i'll always have love for ya, Love for ya, la-la-love for ya
This aint no ordinary puppy love (x2)


They say ain't you old to be crushing over
Supermodels, you gonna die a loner
'Cause those girls don't know love
Can't take them home to meet your mom
But then again, i'm not any man
My last name should ring a bell
if not, You're irrelevant
so all your advise won't make
we lead a different kind of life
the type to be filmed and televised
But we ducking cameras like all the time
'Cause some things can't be publicized
if it is, we could do time
for old sins, i'm a new guy in a different year, different gear
Same Dream, Same Team...