Owami (Prod. by Omidobeats, Wuru)


Banned From Television (2017)


I'm looking for something real, that will last till the end of time
the day that i find true love, i wont see no need for a side
i'm talking about a ride or die, wont hesitate to make her a wife
huh-uh, i won't even think twice, 'cause without her, there is no I

(I x 5)
Owami forever baby
(I x 5)
Owami forever


you know the Uber black deliver girls like pizza
the trap house clouded out with reefer
ain't coping, chain smoking gives me seizures
she got the boy sweating like fever, ko East bamtsiba
see i, just want a c-class, re matisa di ranta tsa Madiba
put my number on speed-dial
whenever you need a favor, 'Cause that's the only time you ever reach out...Man
i got my hands in the dirt, Uskang'opisa hloho tryna question your worth....Nooooo
See what we have is unbreakable
when life throw us bricks, we build a home
when i'm...on my own i am not alone
cause your...perfume stink on my clothes
you my umbrella in a stormy weather
pink chinchilla you's a trendsetter



She looked me in the eye's one time, said hurt me again and hear my last bye-bye
That can't be officially, 'Cause in the end, them boys got no ting on me
Don't ever feel outdone, my flows pop like popcorn
Fuck your props and co-sign, we finna blow in no time
Where's the cham-cham!?..., Kick game looking like Van Damme
Mamie game something real like Ms. Pearl, they both boujee and all but God-damn
She dark-skinned with a pony like she pootie tang
She whisper sweet nothings, like pootie tang
I ain't hating girl, go ahead do your thing
matter fact i'm a fan of your role playing


I'm, in search for Lerato, Lerato la pilu yam
in search, for my lost love, uno untse uyi pihla kae
don't run away from love, usike wang paliya
you cant run away from love
you can run, but you can't
hide your x3
hide your love forever.