Outlaws (Prod. by Wuru)


Banned From Television (2017)


I put in work 'cause i stay hungry
and my hits back to back, i'm out to prove something
if you can't stand the heat, get out the kitchen
and my flows to pacific, haters say its ghostwritten
oh well, lab rats call it science fiction
always rolling with the flyest Mrs
not only pretty, but she got a vision
an aspiring this and that, dreams of buying 'rarris,
his and hers (shit)
Truly speaking, it feels like i'm better than life
i juggle all 9 planets, you can call me a clown
the globe is my circus, i'm blowing out circles
smoking and choking and hope that i'm floating
so high, the higher power can feel my presence
'cause i got 21 questions, prayers left unanswered
why did my sis had to die young
memories of her tragedy just had me drowning in hennessy
Though Sara thinks that its bad for me
it makes me feel good, so i just treat this shit like my remedy
and og's that know me, say that i remind them of Hov in '03
so B...
don't ever play the boy like Hugh Hefner
or what!?...you think you can do better?
don't run your mouth, go ahead and prove it
Said you the man?...Go ahead and prove it
But you see the truth is...
i sell what i make, you make what sells
i'm low-key around my city like a drug cartel
i'll assume that you don't know me well
'cause if you did, then you would know what i'm worth
i'm worth more than doing free shows
Bump the cheese hoe
i'm an outlaw, i'm used to getting cash on the spot
so henceforth, pay up or play my songs
through an aux, give me more when we finally tour
but nowadays bitches sing my songs like