Keys To The City

Keys To The City (Prod. by DC Hooligan, Wuru)


Banned From Television (2017)


I know we 2months in already,
we feel like them boys already
Though i'm ready,
'Cause i came for this, she got a man back home but she can't resist
'Cause she came for this "D"
They all love the boy, Matte Nolim my designer cloth
Told y'all before, Sit back and watch like Audemaur
(swear I need That)
I told myself i'm the man, even though i was boy at the age of 10
I knew a whole lot of shit i couldn't comprehend
But now i'm grown, and it all makes sense, but then again...
I could never let it sweat me like i'm Keith
Can't somebody tell the mayor that i'm worthy for the keys, i mean...
at 19, i'm the realest in the east,
I know i sound world-wide, but i do this for the streets
I told Racks Boss that our time is coming
when we ball, we don't need a budget
Hennessy's bought in abundance
We drink them all, never save for a rainy day
we heavy weights like heavy k
you know my shoes cost 4k
my other homie beat a court case
but that's a story we should save for another day, anyway

Nigga, i'm flexin' (Yeah)
please never mind me, 'cause i do my own shit, All of the time
i work so hard just to get it, just so i can flex on you (yeah)
Please nevermind me, 'cause i do my own shit, All of the time
And everytime we drop, we leave your

Whole city going brazy, whole city going (yeah) (x3)

(Precina's Voice Message)


I bare the pressure of proving a point to my city, i rep it like Drizzy
i bare the pressure of keeping my head in the game, Then make a change
Bare the city on my shoulders, put it on the map and tell you, I told ya
i can't recall, the day i was last sober, think i lost focus (aahh)
I've been putting hours, since Racks done told me the Grammy's are ours
Fell in love with a model, it's gonna take me a decade to get to her level, i've...
Been praying for my momma, she done been through some drama
I hope the angels in the sky will watch and protect my Sara,
I love ya (x2)
(Guardian angels, watch and protect my Sara for me)
'Cause this world is just a cut throat, my nigga i'm ice cold
when i open my mind, my eyes close
then the vision gets vivid, i'm spilling my feelings when spitting these lyrics that i wrote
it's clear that we next in the line though...