Hills is Better

Hills is Better (Prod. by Wuru)

Riba ft Sara Riba

Banned From Television (2017)



i'm tryna do something innovative
like tell my story in some type of way
nobody ever did before
the pressure's got me feeling some type of way


well of course, in this cause we at war as we fight for a portion
all of us is tryna earn a fortune(x3)
Artistry is dying but whatever
nobody pays you mind when you try put in effort
Matter of fact, i still try my best
'cause whats the...power of knowledge if it's kept to yourself
I try and look at things in that manner
and spread knowledge like my brain splittered
(wait for a second)
the city told me no one is better
so put the east flag up, you need backup
boy we got your spine like a chiropractor
Man it feels good to hear that it got me working
Way (x3) hard than a lab rat
so fatigued all day, everyday, I get Zero sleep


Momma, just know i'm a beast
I'm working all day, everyweek
I can't stop, 'till i get to the top with my team
'till my wallet is looking like it got obese
ohhh, shit man
All this Hennessy that i sip man
Got my blood brown like the bottle that i sip man
And my bitch brown like the bottle that i sip man

Deep (Mean-mugging)
Squad deep (Mean-mugging x2) x4

It's the third hour of A.M's, chilling in my drawers and ray-bans
Thinking which song to play next, i'm not sure
But it's gon' probably be Travis
(well, it's gon' surely be Travis)
Some lil' trap music should do me good, and put me in a better mood
a mood for booty
a mood for booze
a mood for, every little thing that isn't good for me
I be switching lanes in my momma ride (skurt)
i let the paddle hit the floor, like Paul in his fucken prime
i'll probably die at age 25,
or two-years later, then join club27, Amy Winehouse
Momma told me if i'm gon' do this shit
Then i should probably go hard in the music biz
So ever since i'm tryna own it,
Her support just made her and i become a close-knit

(recording by Sara)

Even when pops and my sister died
i've always bottled up how i feel inside
at their funeral i never shared no tears at all
Eyes squeezed tryna block all the pain endured
But see, i really learned from you Ma
you a father-figure and a superhuman
That's why i pray to God to make your years quadruple
So you can see me living out my dream, At Barclays Centre

(recording by Sara)

performing...city to city, tryna build my brand
and all the...people that feel me, telling me i'm the man
and i won't...sign to a label that will change how i rap
'Cause they just...study the charts while i study the fans
while I...study their hearts and give them what they demand
And honesty, honestly nowadays it's scarce
I'm a Vietnam War-vet with my weapons on Blast
Ready to kill any nigga that'll pose as a threat
Screaming Mama!



My squad is deep (x5)

Hills is Better