Banned From Television

Riba's debut effort is a contentual compilation filled with a variety of diverse songs not only conscious driven but also vibrant and applaudable. He came up with the title to shine the light on the fact that a few songs from the tape were recorded and released over the course of 3 years but still didn't make it to television although the songs are deemed "impressive" by media veterans, by his decent fanbase, by his team, by himself and by everyone who has had the pleasure of listening to some of his songs. He kicks it off with a freestyle titled "Sequence" where he vents a lot. on the first verse, he talks about the hurdles of dating a professional sex-worker, he talks about his former group member and he talks about independence and "turning down deals left and right. press play and discover the neglected-jewel of South African HipHop.(Oh...the only feature on the tape is he's own mother!!!).


# Title Length
1 Sequence Freestyle 2:25
2 Outlaws 2:11
3 Owami 3:51
4 Trophy 3:51
5 Keys To The City 4:52
6 You 3:13
7 Wokay 4:14
8 SuperModel Gyal 3:09
9 Hills is Better 5:11