Riba is a twenty-year-old rapper/songwriter born and bred in Vosloorus, Eastrand of Johannesburg, South Africa. his unusual music style has been given a thumbs up by media veterans. He first got attention in High School when him and his friend "Sickboi Neezi" started a group together and recorded a few songs together. the songs would go on to be heard by an executive at Raplyf Records (Home to Kwesta and Kid x) and he called Riba to come and perform at Kwesta and AKA's "Day One" music video premier at Zone6 venue. He went on to pursuit a solo career and 2 songs in particular got peoples attention (namely Trophy and Keys to the City) in South Africa, Africa and other countries abroad. The two songs are rumored to act as lead singles for his soon-to-be-released fairly anticipated debut effort/mixtape titled "Banned From Television". In an interview at GXD radio (internet radio station at the SABC) earlier on this year, he said he chose the title "Banned From Television" to shine the light on the fact that some of the songs that will be included in the tape were recorded and released over the course of 3 years, but despite the songs being highly competitive with anyone who is in the game right now, the songs still didn't make it to television. He said the release of the tape will serve as a fresh, clean start. He also added that the only feature on the tape will be his own Mother. He is truly the neglected-jewel of South-African Hip Hop.