OrientalBars 2.0


Yo yaaaw
(You know what time it is)
We are here
Mr BarsOnly!
(Where we at?)
It’s crunch time!

[Reezy Feezy : Free flow ]

Low self esteem on these niggas who really scared to write
I was down in that position when I was flipping nine
I was toe to toe with a pen till it gave me line
now I got bruises around my wrist I really won that fight
Back on my futon nothing stood the same on
My verse longer than Picasso first name (uh)
My balls deep but nothing done came yet
My pen spooky bro they drove me up insane here
Look! There’s lot of confidence behind my pen
They tried to screw my writing back then ,
I ruled that sh*t to the end
Cadence heaven sent, patience on every cent
Patience running too fast you Pete Davidson
My mailing list is kinda scary, I peep every spam
Since I started writing them lyrics they more like Peter pan
True spirit within me let me show you who I am
They point fingers where I’m at bro they Uncle Sam
I don’t need a cough syrup to be stuck in a jam
The way way I’m staying on top of my lyrics
You sure to comprehend, I’m so fly like Tupac but male hornet
I can’t lie I’m Shakespeare with they sonnet May I , shoot a tail of comet
But the way I keep my dreams, I have my bee in my bonnet,
Look!! Diction on this course , you sure who is on this?
Color changes on my eye ball ,You thought is jaundice
Reezy Feezy on this joint, boy you know who is on this
( Reezy Feezy on this joint , boy you know who is on this )
I’m soul center of the pleasure that’s Why I go for a clit
I’m kinda Vulcan in his prime tong to bars and is lit
There’s herd immunity in my hood I’m the only one sick
If u temper with my vibe u will get the end of the stick
Conformation at any form bro I peep a mystick
Double shot negative sign we optimistic
I like to take u to a tour on how I been and let it out on a beat,
Back in the days me and my crew we would like to go hard on the street
We got mad love from the street, not to mention blessings received
Criticism too slim my joy , promise redeemed ,
Some other occasion we hit the stage made the crowd go wild
That kinda dopeness with the craft was still stuck in my mind
Blurred lines on my vision, something tempered my eyes
I just bumped to my neighbor who believed In my grind
We talked more about music, the feeling was therapeutic
I’m glad u found music at this age and started using then
My timing right, my timing right,
Wrists watch on right hand bro my timming is right
I’m five eight I surely got a height of a sp--- donor
This ishh is strange, I’m hard as a range, just wanna nut
My balls blue like I’m wiping out don’t know where to start
Strip tease, maybe teabag I’m rolling my blunt
Speak freely when I sit back and u play with my cunt.