Callin' You

Chorus -

Girl I'm Calling You
Pick Up The Girl ( ay Girl I'm Calling You
Pick Up The Girl)
Are You Busy Where You At? (are you busy are busy yehh)
Cause I need you right now and I'm sad right now


Yeah thank you thank you for your time.
I think about you what do you think about?
You busy right? (with another guy)

Left me alone like a stuck car, I can't move til you come and drive
Ever seen a nigga rap then cry, I got a show come and see me cry

Can't seem to be finding peace, I kinda think we playin' hide and seek and I'm in my room like a piece of sneakers

I would take you out on a Christmas Eve
I thought we was right but you wanna leave and a piece of weed ain't got me high

Mama always told me that I should be careful
It was you and me against the whole world now I'm all alone in my own world and its you baby with a couple niggas.


Girl I'm Girl You Pick Up The Phone Girl (Girl I'm Calling You Pick Up The Phone Girl)
Are you busy where you you at ? (Are you busy where your at?)
Cauz I need you right noooooooow

Back 2 Chorus.

Verse 2
Later I Tried To Call Her for the second time at the same night
Thinking maybe she gon pick it up maybe she was (she was still drunk)
Voice in my head (Kill My self)
Play the music (Play them sad songs)

Tears falling what I'm crying for?
Babe girl did we disconnect
Here I come trynna force myself
To you yeah
Heart broke like a broken glass
I just wanna laugh, you my smiles babe buh I can't reach you

Here I am now I can't live
Here I am now I can't trust & I'm really lost and I'm
Fucken depressed....