Bump The Cheese Up (Remix)

[Tall A$$ Mo]
I come in like an old school Doctor Khumalo on this shit
Yupi Yupi Yo
Yupi Yupi Yupi
Vuka mao lel'
Vuk' us yenzel'
My flow so sticky like Nimrod's s-curl
Wacka i got my cellphone backa
Bump the cheese up
Phaka le keke
Bump the cheese up
You think I'm laughing cause this thing is funny
When we gave you the first one you loved it
Now we're back with another one
Dont come to me asking for picture
We're back with the remix
Reason, AKA, Okmalumkoolkat
Please, bump the cheese up biitch

[Verse: AKA]
I tell em bump the cheese up
Paycheck the lucks to confront my demons
How long this motherfucken corporate's greased us
Long face like Rich Forresters mema
Thin line between genius and diva
On the road to rich
High jump the speedbump
I run the scene Forest Gump the season
I tell em bump the cheese up
My nikka never let madibs come between us
What you mean open up for Bieber?
I tell the OB truck 10 DBs up biiitch
I signed a pre-nup
No seeds fist bump my dealer
Your ego bang bang
You ran policemen
This shit is for the come up kingdom
The bump the cheese up

I need to cop brand new sneakers quick
I need a new whip, new scene and crib
I need to better the tithe while I clean my sins
Bump the cheese up bitch
Bottles in the clubs ain't cheap for shit
Yo, even the bouncers wanna leave with tips
So if your wallet feels cocky you can leave with some chicks

Bump the cheese up bitch
Bump the cheese up bitch

Faki mali uzobona
A week before the show
Fak' imali si on
Turn up ya ngemphela
When we perform
Cava the combo
Cava the sneakers
I don't buy kicks
Mfana ngi ya wa lobola
u bhut madlisa
You can check my insta
Mfana ngiya shisa
Shout out to my fans yo
Take us a picture
Mc Mnandi
Ndiya busisa
You need to check my catalogue
Ung yazi nge feature
Ama beat yenza amasimba
iFlow isix nine
The nice with the freestyles
Mina ngabiza
Young primastof
Ma ung thinta ngiya yak'shisha
Man I took my heart
Ngayi faka edeep freezer
Brothers wanna hate
But I'm cool with these sisters
A yiko ialbum
But we trending on twitter
Shows overseas
I'll see you in Christmas
Nga sebenza everyday
Hunting these figures
On a paper chase
Taking care of magriza
Khip' imali sbale bathi
Bump the cheese up


Yo, I tell em bump the cheese up
Nice mags but damn have you seen my whip
Nice ass but damn have you seen my chick
Van Damme in this bitch
You should see my kicks
Heard you got a nice track
You should hear my hits
They thought I deserve an emmy
When they read my scripts
Based on a true story
No 2 Chainz shit
Now you looking like an ass
Tryna do my shit
(bump the cheese up)
Fuck the free stuff
Guap the fee for the gasoline
Have you seen my jets
You become a storyteller when that invoice hits
And I can tell when you're fucking with me
You should be my bitch
Pause, bump the cheese up bitch
All you cats that owe me money
Better speed up quick
I be telling everybody
And some tweets I'll send
Cause I'm a fiend to this money
And I need my, Fix
Bump the cheese up