October 2013

[Verse 1]
Where... was...
Steve Hofmeyr when Khuli was getting shot?
Does he give a fuck or not? Cause Chana's black and he is not
Hold on young boy this ain't twitter, no trending topics
This was an innocent man in a sedan getting coffee
This has gotten me properly worried
Imagine if that was you driving home from the office, I'd have lost it
But here's point of this little here logic: many people go through the same fucking problem
Cops that like to pop without a warning
Gamble with our lives like our souls was at an auction
Many do survive it, but a lot are in a coffin
While the criminals is also tryna off us when they rob us
Black, White, Yellow maybe Colored
Doesn't really matter when the fuckers want your wallet
If you got it and they know it, then believe me they gon' want it
Cause hunger don't have colour unless Mandela's on it
Fuck it, I'll be honest. My people have lost it
Niggas raping babies and their mothers tryna off em, shit is awful
But consider how we ended with all this
Segregation made us angry, Poverty evolved it
You think the majority, targets the minority
Forgetting the minority, has more than the majority
A few of the majority have as much as the minority
So honestly equality is actually the problem Steve
If everybody was paid, then homies wouldn't rape or hate
Cause they would afford to get laid and live great
Instead of having ransom demands a random sunday
That leads to one of Africa's greats to get shot on freeways
Homie there's 3 ways. Bottom, Middle or High class
Bottom targets the high class, through the middle they bypass
Every minute they trespass, you just watching your life pass
Until the system provides 'em with something else that'll entice that
Guess I'm tryna show you and just make you realize that
No black man is born aspiring to kill a white man
The same way no white man, is born to fear a black man
We just have a history that death traps says that
May I suggest that, we try and forget that
Focus on the real fact that everyone' affected
By any form struggle that's experienced on this land
So we can work together as people tryna fix that

So if you need something to protest about
Let me give you something to protest about
Tell em put away the gats please
Tell em put away the gats please

I'm just a rapper
Put away the gats please
I'm just a rapper
Put away the gats please
Don't sleep
All week
So tell em put away the gats please