March 2014

I am fresh off that boeing, straight to the booth and i go in
2 o' clock in the morning, i don't have to but i do it
voice gone from my jazz fest and pop bottles performances
left cape town with some corpses, now i need a body bag endorsement

And damn my momma just saw it
front row in that festival with her camera phone recording
she heard em all when they lost it
in the same state where apartheid incarcerated my father
she had a proud smile as i shined bright like a shooting star dat she spotted (drop it)

Reason the mass still starvin, (Pardon)
i don't believe in the hottest, (honest)! Dropping this heat is my job,
so i just stay on the ball keep in dropping, (pause it)

Im headeda get it, whatever the effort expected for me to Godly
Bitch niggers get deaded and turned into skeletons that must come outta the closet

Offended im sorry/ but your genitals probably shrink to my rhymes schemes
some cats are just acting like kids, they really just needa get back in they car seat
im humble in life, but soon as i write, i sound like choppin they foreskin
you rappers is wrong, cause being a force don't actually mean you should force it

Lets move it along cause there's more to this art than tripping to your shit
like watchin da les and kienern sippin champagne right night to the ocean
like back in the day, somehow the game lead em astray with nonsense
and now they ok, they getting this cake like they got a bakery open

The bigger the oven and bigger the doe gets
but really truth is is useless if you never just live in the moment
so... In all this hype im happy that i can run into jabba and talk of,
the song we made and how it great to see a muffinz performance

This life is all sorts of short so don't you ever spoil it
my daddy spent his prime behind bars cause he was marching
sparking em torches for all the torture they brought us
so i guess it is obvious, why im burning all of these charts

[Chorus x2]
I am gaaaAHDbody
Raised by a freedom fighter
So i don't follow nobody
But the man who gave his life up
So i can be gaaaAHDbody!

[Hook x2]
So i can be gaaaAHDbody all day!
gaaaAHDbody all night!
GaaaAHDbody in flesh and bone im gaaaAHDbody ok o'right!