August 2013

And I'm but a young buck who takes chances, and copping that 320i by next August

[Verse 1: Reason]
So August is here
The beamer didn't make it, but the offer was there
And considering my year, I could've bought it in Jan
But considering my career I would've lost it again
To be real, I'm not ready to be caught in a BM
Cause being able to keep it is like another BM
And I ain't finna be him who balls when you see him, behind the scenes he is borrowin' every weekend
Seems when I said that I'd get it by next august
They forgot the part about being a kid who takes chances
And of course I feel awful I never got it
But on the contrary I'm just happy I can afford it
I just wanna cop it with a much clearer conscience
Cause now even SARS is standing outside the doorstep
Asking me wassup, cause they thought I was jobless
And now I'm making way more money than my job did
I mean your boy just got an apartment up in Northcliff and opted for more bird sounds over taxi noises
Now every morning I'm yawing to white people jogging
As I wake and bake to a view of Vodacom on ponte
I hope I don't sound like I'm all cheques
Cause I am not yet, I'm just doing better than most cats
Some of us ain't even got a ride to be cross at
Cause being a musician got its own kinda bullshit
I'm just trying to get that Teargas money
That water in your eyes when I get gassed money
That Khuli Chana, 7 clippa, a full tank money
Tumi in a Range' in 07 with just raps money
I used to want that JR money
But JR told me, brother rather you make your money and don't waste it
Just make way more money because that 320i is gonna take your money
And so I'm trying to fill up my pockets
Money talking with ex managers of fellow artists
Calculating the costs of my entrepreneurship
If it works shit, I can get 2 cars by next August
So yes, I am still gon' cop it
Matter of fact, I think I deserve to be sponsored
So all manufactures should gimme a call quick
Whatever car I get, I'll make cooler frost is
I can't believe I wrote a verse about all this
Should've recorded a song or rehearsed a performance
And plus I got another banging album to drop cause
If not then I'm screwed, like the GS in that in office
I guess its back to my daddy car swag
Cheap travels and oblivion to being car jacked
I don't mind, it keeps me humble from being all gassed
So no stress as long as my heart says

Thula Sizwe, ungabokala
Ujehova wakho, uzokunqobela

My real name is Sizwe by the mom calls me Sizwe
No Dhlomo
But yo, check it out
I just felt like, you know, it would be really hip hop for me to do this so
I hope you understand what's going on but if you don't, hey
Whatever man
On a lighter note, I shouldn't be here, I need to go, I got a flight to catch so
Shutout to everybody who downloaded the joint, that's my August Freestyle
See y'all in September
Motif, Don't Sleep