New Kicks And (Girls, Pt. 2)

[Hook: Reason]
Amateki amasha nabantwana, ngithi zonke (x3)
Ngiz'funa zonke (All o' dem)
Ngiz'funa zonke

[Verse 1: Reason]
I need a new whip
Something big since I got two kids
Cool shit, let's see the face on all the school kids
Like ooh that's a rap dad with 22s and new pairs
And new Airs only a few get to debut it
I need that new shit
I need two more rooms and then a pool section
Got a TV room and then a new kitchen
With a TV too for when the fool's cooking
Who's with me
I need new riches
I need new perfume
I need a new business
I need new tattoos outta my own lyrics
And I don't need no hoes
I need a grown woman
Fall back
You need a new gimmick
You know you ain't gon last
You ain't that authentic
I mean I'm all that Jazz with all the Pop in it
I'm classic like a dining room wall unit

[Hook: Reason]
Amateki amasha nabantwana, ngithi zonke (x3)
Ngiz'funa zonke (x2)

[Verse 2: Aylaan]
They call me cheese boy 'cause I was never in the hood much
Them after-school bus rides home is where I would lust
After girls who were outta my reach, outta my league
The type of girl I couldn't even ask out in my dreams
No point in hiding that shit, I was so uncool
But at least I had me some flows man, dope ones too
And I got me a feelin that unlike that pussy I be tapping
Success from this rap shit is gon come soon
I'm just a down and out rapper making minimal cents
But the thought of a nine to five is making minimal sense
I take my lyrics and vent
How I sound better than your favourite rapper
I ain't even at my pinnacle yet
GaaaHD body, Aylaan, rappers who inspire hope
I got laymen rapper writing suicide notes
And you and I know, you can never wear our shoes bro
You a size four

[Verse 3: Melo B Jones]
I want it all the shoes, the cars and don't forget the cheese
I wanna sign my autograph on them [?]
And when I come around everybody stop and freeze
I want it all but what I want is everything I need
Tell me have you seen her
Aren't you sweeter than sugar
Heard she albuming
I think I wanna be her
I be like la-ladi-da-ta
pin around and rappidy-ah-ah
Oh they wanna know who we are
We are stars
We are gods

[Hook: Reason]
Amateki amasha nabantwana, ngithi zonke (x3)
Ngiz'funa zonke (x2)