[Intro : Raxion Stance]

**Clears throat**

[Verse 1 : Raxion Stance]

Uh, so much shit on my mind I can't think straight
Buried in vodka, fire water teems in my deep grave
Smoke up in my rib cage
These bitches won't give space
Bundle from heaven in that Mary Jane when she give face.
Kush runs in my thick veins
My goons in that field plane
My tunes : very insane
I shoot at you weak lames
They shook when I spit game
Tattoos in my deep brains
Allured to think she'a freak for school the way she give brain.
She always call for that dick nigga
Me? I don't really got time for that
I was born a sinner and a ill nigga
I'm J. Cole with a single dime for rap
I got rhymes for that
I don't like you cats
I'm beside myself, if you wanna choose sides
Despite y'all cats Imma really change the game single handed with closed two eyes Lord.
I always pray you let me do me
Too many people done say I changed, that makes me believe they never really knew me
The Coming Jigga : I know it's me
And not to say I'm the best but maybe I am unknowingly real nigga wassup?

[Interlude : Raxion Stance]

Ayo Dee Tee
Aye nigga, pass me my lighter
Lemme spark some to this cancer stick
Get my shit cleaned up in this ma'fucker y'know what I'm talking about? Yeah.

[Hook : Mseventy Dee Tee & Raxion Stance]

I just wanna smoke (thank you on the...)
Yeah, I just wanna smoke (yeah)
I just wanna smoke (yeah)
I just wanna smoke (yeah)
I just wanna smo...
(Chilling with my niggas in the crib smoking weed getting high all day)
I just wanna smoke
I just wanna smoke
I just wanna smoke (yeah)
I just wanna smoke
So much shit on my mind I can't take it all.

[Verse 2 : Mseventy Dee Tee]

Realest came alive yeah with problems by my side aye
I can not think straight
I can not think straight
Maybe we would do me something aye
Pass me that, Aya
Pass me that, Aya.
Don't take no chances on me imma Hologram, Aya
You snipe it out, I take it in, I moderate, Aya
They [?] Talking I shoot on that, Aya, uh
So much shit on my mind I feel stressed
Since plus 19 I feel like I'm in [?]
I [?] by myself
I'm tryna solve them.

[Interlude : Mseventy Dee Tee]

They can not touch me.
But aye Raxion Stance, these problems can.
I'm so weak now I feel like imma smoke like, seven days (inaudible)
(Give me that lighter back. Pass me thay blunt)