Fifty Shades Of Raxion Stance

[Verse 1] (Raxion Stance)

I merely only wanted to be loved
But I can't love back the way I want to
I feel like there's a hole in my heart
You can't fill it up but damn I still want you
I never really told you 'bout my past and the shit that I've been through
It's not really simple
Cause I gave my heart to someone, it's so hard for me to look at you and tell you that I need you, but damn girl I need you.
I been doing this too many times, enough to fall away
I walk on water with your love until I crawl away
Cause truth is : I don't wanna fall in love and depend over someone's love, cause I always seem to fall away
Run away don't you look back
I'm gonna hurt you till you feel like you ain't knew hurt
And I'm sorry I don't really do believe that anyone can ever fall in love with me, I mean that shit is insane.
Gimmie your heart and watch as it breaks, and that's your mistake
I always stop to love like every other girl before you once you hurt me
Cause I'm hurting deep inside and you can't mend me I've been broken in ways damn
I've been broken in ways, I don't hurt this, this pain
Makes me feel numb, fifty shades got me fucked up, open in ways
That hurt me so bad that it changes me but your...

[Pre-hook] (Soultic)

Your love is all that I need
But I can't give you the love that you need
Girl you so perfect
But me, I don't deserve it.


Fifty Shades
Fifty Shades
Fifty Shades
Fifty Shades, Fifty Shades of Raxion Stance
Fifty Shades
Fifty Shades
Fifty Shades
Fifty Shades, Fifty Shades of Raxion Stance

[Bridge] (Soultic)

Monday morning I'm
Drunk and washed away
One way for me lost
I can't find the way
If you love me, don't stop give me love and submission
Cause a part of me's missing now.

[Pre-hook] (Soultic)



Anna : Why won't you let me in? We should be talking.

Christian : Like normal people?

Anna : Yeah. Is that so wrong? Is this because of the contract? Because I still haven't signed it?

Christian : Fuck the contract. I think it's a little [?] Don't you?

Anna : So then the rules are [?] Too?

Christian : No. The rules stand.

Anna : What if I break them?

Christian : Then there'll be consequences.

Anna : Punishment?

Christian : Yes.

Anna : Why do you want to punish me?

Christian (whispers) : Anna.

Anna : Why do you wanna hurt me?

Christian : I would never do anything to you, that you couldn't handle---

Anna : But why do you wanna do anything to me at all Christian?

Christian : If I told you, you'd never look at me the same way again.

Anna : So there is a reason. Tell me. Do you wanna punish me right now?

Christian : Yes. I wanna punish you right now.

Anna : What if I told you that I feel the same way about being punished as you do about me touching you. Would you still wanna punish me then?

Christian : No. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't need to.

Anna : Why?

Christian : Anna stop.

Anna : Why do you need to?

Christian : Because it's the way I am ! [?] Fifty Shades of fucked up.

Anna : Show me then. I need you to show me, what you wanna do to me. Punish me. Show me how bad it can be. I want you to show me the worst. It's the only way I can understand.