Don't Know Me

(Keys rattling)
(Door bars getting locked)

[Verse 1]

Oh my ! (oh)
I'm surprised I been living this whole time
I'm surprised I been breathing this whole time
I just wanna be dead, I don't know why, nah I think I know why
Oh my ! Yeah (oh)
I got demons on my shoulder and they so vile
And it feels like I been living with closed eyes
I'm The Joker with a smile and a bowtie, laughing as I go by. (haHahaHaha)
Oh my ! Oh my ! Yeah
I just panic when I'm in a crowd
So I stay at the house on my own with nobody around me I think I'll be fine like that
Ain't nobody really understand me
I don't fit with all the trapping and they told me that my music will not get far
But I care about the message not the cash it's not a really matter if I'm stuck here, I do not mind that (oh).
Oh-Oh yeah
NF and Witt Lowry are getting me outta my zone
Realest nigga with a talent that most of y'all lack
So I guess every verse that I've spat can attest to the fact : y'all is not competition (no)
Y'all is not competition (no no)
The fact that your music is driven by charts and trends is proof, so Me is my own competition.
I look in the mirror and see a stranger
They look in my eyes and they see a danger
I wanna be major
But then I get so emotional I start to feel like a failure
I wanna be perfect but no one is
They said "Love yourself or no one will"
They said I'll be fine but I cry every night with a weight on my soul that no one sees!. (Oh Lord!)
Too many people that think they own me
But now that I'm broken they can not mould me
They do not love me, they love what I do
And they so fake enough that they never show me
I got some friends but they never notice
The pain that I carry, I do not blame them
They know my name but they do not know me
They just know my name, they don't know me.


They know my name (they know my name they know my name)
They don't know me (they don't know me)
They don't know that I'm a prisoner in my own mind (prisoner, prisoner, prisoner)
They never will. (They don't know)
They don't.

[Verse 2]

I-I don't want nobody else around me
I don't want these people who will doubt me
Who will tell me I should smile
I should go out more often, then when I breakdown and cry, they look at me differently then they judge me
I don't want nobody else to love me
Trust me it's not so easy to love me.
Oh my ! Yeah
I'm surprised I'm alive this whole time
I'm surprised to have smiled this whole time
I just wanna be dead, I don't know why, nah I think I know why
(Oh my !) Yeah
You can never really know me by my profile
For so long that I've been lonely and so I'm
Used to it, yeah I think I love it, no lie
Yeah I love it no lie.
Oh my ! Oh my ! Yeah
Tell these people stop looking at me !
Got my hoodie up, and my look on my feet
I keep walking alone there's no one I can keep it gets deep
I lay on the floor of my house when I feel like I just can not deal
In my head : I'm a psycho, the demons are speaking to me
They tell me they never will leave.
I lock in the door and I throw you outside
This Broken Piano is all that I have when I cry
It's Taking A Life And A Half and I only got one, I'm surprised I'm alive
I got some friends but they never do notice
The pain that I carry but I do not blame them
They know my name they don't know who I am
They just know my name, and not who I am no.

[Interlude 2]

(They don't know me) (no)
(They never will) (they never will, they never will, they never will)
(They just don't) (they don't)
(I'm a prisoner) (I'm a prisoner, I'm a prisoner, I'm a prisoner)
(And I think I'm done here) (Done)
(Done) (gone)


(Switching channels)

Stan : Ah. This whole Raxion Stance thing. It kills me. He came a long way to just throw it down like that. All the growth from being King Jack to Raxion Stance, all the fans man. The hours of work, he should think of that. He should think of everybody behind him. We need him back dawg. He should reconsider leaving music. We can't afford to lose him in the music.