Bad Trip

(Outdoor activities and sound effects)
(Distant voice of female)
(Car keys rattling)
(Rain pours)
Woman : Baby, come closer. Why are you so far away?. I can't cope.

[Intro] (Raxion Stance)
Yeah. It's my life. It's mine. Yeah !

[Hook] (Soultic)
You say you love me I'm not even sure what that means oh
I'm searching for something I'm not even sure still exists oh
You ain't gotta stay, you ain't gotta be here, you ain't gotta love me the way that you do oh
I just had a bad trip, had a bad trip I don't know what the fuck I should do-o

[Verse 1] (Raxion Stance)
Granny told her friend that I'm a liar and a cheat
Cause I only do admire what I seek
These desires that I keep always devour me and spit me out it's bleak
I'm setting fire to a bridge, that I gotta cross I'm rather lost and broken
I'm a coward and I'm weak
You can't love me, heart is sour but it's sweet
Only thing I give a fuck about is power and being rich, you turned me to a fiend of your love I'm empowered to defeat the way you make me feel.
You wasn't normal with your health I pray you are
So many flaws to hide but you're perfect just the way you are, I'm way too far to ever reach to nor be reached through
Too busy tryna build my life, so many things I need to do, I'm tripping every now and then.
Y'know I woulda took a life for that ass now it's taken from me yeah I know
He sees your nakedness but I know the nakedness of your soul
I keep your number I don't call,
Maybe I will, after my heart is black or when my blood turns to alcohol.
I'm always wasted, smoking Kush tryna numb the pain
Roll another one and puff again, I love the game I'm caught up in a life I want to escape I'm too detailed
Tryna find my way back but lost without a trace.
I'm dancing with the devil, middle of the night I'm bleeding in my heart, in need of God, caught up in a mad-switch
Perverted flaws, wicked tactics, I seek compassion
I'm just a good soul caught up in a bad trip and you...


[Verse 2] (Raxion Stance)

I'm sorry for your time that I had wasted
I was young and looking, dumb and choosy, fuck I blew it and you always waited
For me to be a better man instead I became worse I'm feeling jaded
I'm sorry if I changed you to become what you're now.
But you're not I thought and knew you were you acting like a different person,
But don't you forget I've seen you naked
I know you in and out and you' the reason why I'm always drunk and faded
Feels like my life is a movie that was never rated.
And my past is like a beautiful lyric that's badly written
A melody composed of agony without an intent
It's like I wrote my story in a page without a margin cause there's nothing to start with or end to, just a endless book without a cover
A lover without love but fifty shades
This love is what I need but something that I deeply hate, it's simply late
To pray for me, too late for me to go back to the life I lived.
I opened door to every demon that I fail to exorcise nor keep away from me
I can't let you feel my pain for me
So I lock myself away cause loving never works for me, I fell and you can never carry me up
Don't fall in love with me, believe me I'm everything but.
I give you strength but I am frail
My mind is like a binding chain, my heart is like a demon chained,
You can never hurt my feelings I'm my pain
Now I feel like I'm the very depression I even fail to overcome
My shoulders numb, I got a cross that I can't bare to carry
And these shackles of depression on my wrist and my ankles are hard to ever carry
Anxiety is like a friend obsessed with coming near me
Clearly I'm tired of waiting for someone to come save me.
Forever in a hole of beautiful nightmares and ugly fantasies, I slept with my demons and overlooked my angels
And all these naked women in my mind, make it harder to decide, if I want salvation or hell in my life.
There's no pain you can expose me to I haven't felt
And there's no hell I haven't dealt
And everything I seem to build is a souvenir of destruction I had built
You can never fix broken in me, not unless you've seen my past.
I'm dancing with the devil, middle of the night, I'm bleeding in my heart, in need of God, but I got like bad sins
I follow routes that were never set for me, and if my urges become the death of me, know I fought a bad trip and you....


[Outro] (Soultic)

Baby tell me that you lo-------ve me
Baby tell me that you lo-------ve me
Baby tell me that you love me (you love me, you love, you love me, you love me)