Love & Other Addictions

(Motion Sounds tag)
(Raxion Stance : do you ever feel lonely? If you do listen to this song, it has a piece of me. Yeah)

[Verse 1 : Raxion Stance]

Lately I've been thinking bout you
I've been sleeping after 3AM and always end up dreaming bout you
I've been faded I've been drinking bout you
Tryna drown away the pain I always feel about you.
Know it was never your intention to hurt me but that shit changed me for the worst when all I ever wanted to give was the best of me I feel about you
I've always had my entire life revolving around you
See, every person that knows me knows that I'm all about you.
Four years down the road and I still feel the same, still feel like I can't live without you
Like I can't be without you
Last time we fell, I fell too damn hard and I lost a part of me but can't be me without you
I know I'm part to blame for where we stand right now but damn I love you, I hope I don't fuck around and get to live without you
See, I don't fear a lot
But life without you gets me thinking deep and hard, I've loved you my entire life
The only girl I've ever wanted by my side I don't know who I'd be without you.
But, as of lately I've been going through this
Motion in life where I'm changing you know I'm going through it
I lost my grandma, lost you and lost myself in the process
And now you've come around it's hard to process.
All of the traumas that I've been through to be honest I just need some time
To myself, instead I worry that I'll lose you yet again or these people will forget my name without a new song
So I pause the healing and stay up all night long.
I've felt it all and I'm still standing, my ambitions always keep me going
The life I want has always been for me and you
But really what good is success if I don't get to share it all with you?
What is my life if I do not get to live it with you?.
Right now we going through some shit I wrote this song about you
Wrote it for you, and even though you hate attention and me putting our business in a song is not something you fuck with
But I just had to let you know that I've got this.
Feeling for you that never dies I've always had it since I was a child
So I open my soul and let you in hoping you find
A home inside for when you feel lonely and really need it
If I lose you now you know I'll always love you and I really mean it.
Spilling my feelings now they coat all the walls of your mind
I fought all the wars in my mind
Of course all the doors that I've closed inside me always pose a sense of separation within bind
That's why sometimes I'm here but not really here, just lost in my mind.
But, I hope when you find your way it'll lead to me
You searching for yourself I hope what you find has a piece of me
Hope I'm your home when you lonely and really need it
And I hope that I don't lose you cause I love you and I'll always mean it.

[Outro : Raxion Stance]