[Hook] (Nasty C)

Money change color like Skeedo
Get all type of [?]
Get my drip on, everything I put on, it all white like [?]
Take it outside, take it outside and fuck my demons
Walking on ice, walking on water I feel like Jesus. X2

[Verse 1] (Nasty C)

Fresh about the ghetto (heh)
Cut [?] Turn cold like jello
I'm hotter than mellow
Bought my bitch stiletto -- yellow
Pedal to the metal, the coupè got wings I'm fly than [?]
Since my first demo, I been making sure all of my dawgs got [?]

(Yeah) Put the city on my back lil nigga I did that (I did that shit)
If I'm bussin' all around your hoe, my kids get kidnapped (she kidnapped)
I left home around 18 I had to risk that (hahahahaha)
I couldn't Montana now both my parents can kick back (ah-huh!)

[Verse 2] (Raxion Stance)

Aye, hold up, when I speak ain't nobody gonn speak back (don't speak back)
Hoe I skate on water on ice like Christ on a switchback (switchback)
Uh Sweet like honey but girl don't touch my beeswax (don't touch that shit)
Uh, real young nigga, better give me my juice I need that.
Nigga I need my juice back
Like C once did, oh shoo that
Kill niggas two in one like a duplex
Realest nigga from eMpumalanga after K.O : true facts, you bet
I'm the future m'fana in the future M'chana, no MalumKoolKat
Come up in the game and the whole game clueless, struu bhek'
When I'm hear rap lives so khul'lek' uh!.

[Hook] (Nasty C)

[Bridge] (Tellaman)

Down, keep my waist when she's around
Make money most, don't make a sound (shh)
All the way up straight from the South
If a nigga talk she bit him down (beat up!)

[Verse 3] (Tellaman)

We don't talk a lot oh yeah
Shy like the Rock oh yeah
Ma'fuck a glock oh yeah (brr)
When I'm on the mic oh yeah
Haters don't like it yeah
Girls go down me yeah (stupid)
Take it down [?] Yeah (take it)
Beat it down [?] Yeah
Yeah yeah yeah
Ear rings, African Ear rings
Yeah bitch hot like Riri (hot like hot like)
Wanna make a Bentley yeah
Money my business yeah yeah
Gimmie a minute yeah yeah
Two cups I'm in it yeah
Okay I'm finished !

[Verse 4] (Raxion Stance)

Okay ! Lemme Mortal Kombat this shit just to make sure it's finished
Flawless my shit no blemish
These niggas watch me then mimic
I been underground but I'm like a landmine I'm ready to blow I mean this
I deform your nostril so you never stick your nose inside my bud'niss.
Imma damn human form of realness
Giving niggas inverts
Put me on a Top 5, better be me, me, me, and me, then me once more you best believe this
Got an angel with a cross inside, but I take it outside and fuck my demons
Only last when the list is inverse
I don't even gotta try but I leave you impressed --- bet you impressed now.

[Hook] (Nasty C)