[Verse 1 : Raxion Stance]

I don't give a motherfuck about you niggas I can bury y'all
Yeah, I can motherfucken bury y'all
Homie imma star, imma star on your periscope
Shit, you couldn't see me on your periscope.
I think in four years imma be another Kanye West
Or, JAY-Z, I been livin' on a lotta cents
I'm tired of a daily broke life, bitch I gotta stack, bitch I gotta stack I want a lotta rands.
Now I see what these other rappers envy for
Shit, I think I see what they envy for
All I hear is "King" when I move over these crazy foes
I'm the shit that they ain't ready for
I'm antifake to any fake nigga I'm the antidote
Shit, Travis Scott couldn't do a single thing
I think I'm a little king
I think I'm a evil being
I think I'm a holy Devil Hallelujah this is me.
Oh good Jesus!
We some hood niggas look,
We some good niggas with endeavors
Uh, we fuck rude divas look,
We got new clippers, we're gorillas
Uh, in the jungle where my people want a sequel when I drop any EP, I got good shit uh
Uh, I got good shit true look,
That is why I'm screaming out.

[Hook : Raxion Stance]

"Motherfucker I'm King!"
Ma'fucker I'm King
Ma'fucker I'm King
Ma'fucker I'm King
Ma'fucker I'm King
Ma'fucker I'm King
Ma'fucker I'm King
Ma'fucker I'm King
Ma'fucker I'm King
Ma'fucker I'm King, ma'fucker I'm King turn up !

[Post-hook : Raxion Stance]

Run it with my Dawgs
Want the money and the floss
Never trippin' till we on
Only trippin' when we blown King.


[Verse 2 : Raxion Stance]

They used to never hear shit from me
Talking 'bout "that queer king won't be -- anything for shit
Surely, he's veered, he's lonely
Steered in mere strict folly"
But I still bow down like "Dear Nkosi, grant me strength not to fear no deed"
Fighting stress with a clear erosion
Slightly blessed and teared to shit
Very lone and weak
Mighty pressed by a sheer folly.
Never noticed me like really yaz
Never gave a shit nor a tissue paper or try to take me serious
Had to hate me killing my --
Spirit, got me really down
But fuck with me that's silly yaz I'm really hard.
Rolling with a coupla fake friends, I'm never feeling trust
But every show I go to they stay feeling us, screaming my --
Name out to the sky, that's the feeling of the kingship I've been building since I started with the Trizzers can't believe it I
Mean I'm still here, still kinging, God !.
They be feeling my --
Passion when I'm rapping and I think we got a lot of Vusi Kunenes out in this rap game they be acting,
And I'm the real Jack Mabaso whoa
I'm the real Jack Mabaso to this trapping Generation with no Legacy
Imma real artist I can rap I can trap
Matter fact I can fucking do better everything your favorite rapper is sweating to do.
I'm swearing to you
Ungay'hamba yonk' iMpumalanga but I promise you
You'll never find a rapper hard as me
Bitch I'm King
Maybe, just maybe I'm the heir to the throne
Maybe Philsner left me to grow and be a King Mpumalanga, cause I am
Nah ma'fucker I really am, Imma boss nigga
So you say, these niggas got bars, then I'm Micheal Scofield, Fox River ma'fucker I'm King.



[Verse 3 : Raxion Stance]

Started with a quarter I don't trip
Look at all these haters in my crib nawww
Now they never wanna see me win
Yeah, tell these motherfuckers I am King.


I am King I am King now

[Verse 4 : Raxion Stance]

Started with a [?]
Flip the grand up on this thing now
Skirting on these kids...

[Rephrase : Mseventy Dee Tee]

I am King now King now
I am King now King now
I am King now King now
I am...