Love & Other Addictions Pt. 2 (Phora Cover)

[Verse 1 : Raxion Stance]

The, Man from above said to me "You look lost"
I keep wandering about in a world that I too caused
Girl I gave you everything and now I'm crossing all my losses while you stepping on the lines I drew between but you crossed.
I have not, really healed I keep clawing to my heart
You keep saying that you love me but keep tearing me apart
You keep saying that you care but everything you do says otherwise
Tore me to pieces and did it rather twice, a million times over and now I'm scared of love and every demon it contains
Scared of getting close and feeling feelings just like always
Scared of loving you cause loving you can only hurt me
Got addicted to the games you with my fucking heart and this
Naive thought that you was good for me is slowly dying off
Did you mean saying you love me or was you just lying off?
I'm 21 but I feel like in this whole fucking world I'm by myself
Cause loving you was me showing me how much I don't love myself fuck.
How can something so toxic be addictive ?
I don't do do drugs but I'm high from love & other addictions
I don't do drugs but you the fix I'm always needing, having withdrawals without you and conceding to my demons. I know,
It's hard to truly love in this world that we live in I know,
You've made me turn against the things that I believed in I know,
The love we used to have was everything to me and now it's everything I fear to ever risk the chance of feeling I know.
You have really been my greatest destruction
Now every girl I meet wonders who broke my heart like it's nothing
Cause every time you let me down you simply broke me apart
Now I can't love you cause loving you is a threat to my heart. Fuck.