[Verse 1: Ras (Real African Seed)]
Loose (x2)
Loose change
Keep your 2 cent
I'm out here, paying my dues
Overdue rent
Yall should place, face to change
Dead presidents
I bring the cool, calm, collected groove to your residence
It's that mind fuck precedence
Put your 2s in the air, for real hip-hop
I still leave evidence
That great exists between a fix, a dame, a scheme
Tricks fame a dream
Kicks a chain a lean
Don't get it upside down
In a fight with "Four Men"
I Cassius Clay to the final round
The Rumble in the jungle's, back in town
Illy, so they bravo sound
Check my background, I stays with it
Real dames, can claim hit it
No shame, my game did it
I made, my name with it
Remain, the same with it
Insane, I came lit it
My aim to gain infinite
I am trained in it

[Verse 2: PdotO]
I peep y'all through a periscope
Paralyse your every bone, you choke
Niggas parody
I'm parallel to Al Capone
I said I'm parallel to Al Capone
My passion is apparent
You impersonate a trapper's flow
Am I Pac, with a pinch of salt
Shit is dope, maneuver like manure in a bag of coke
Shit is dope
This game ugly 'cause I put up with more shit
Porter party but I jump back like foreskin
My tracks make them fans come back like your bitch
I make your girl come back for more dick
I'm Jay Z 'cause I'm finna kill a hunnid mics
You J.Z 'cause you can't see your numbers right
Sammy Sosa a bad bitch I fuck with her tat game
But my lady probably inherit my last name
Nkosi yam' Jesu Krestu
Resemble a Christ but not
Yes, I bless you

Ayoba nangumhlolo
Bazam' ukus' cingezela la eMjondolo
Ayoba nangumhlolo
Re ipatlela nyuku ntwana, kgale re sokol
Ayoba nangumhlolo
Bazam' ukus' cingezela la eMjondolo
Ayoba nangumhlolo
Re ipatlela nyuku ntwana, kgale re sokol

[Verse 3: Nveigh]
Body bag anybody fam
I'm a beast and a bar smith
Not the kinda beast you share bars with
More food and beer
So nobody, no crew could dare
Even fuck with my squad
If you want, mak'shube ke
Won't win 'cause against me, chemo therapy
Y'all be losing hair
Cats wanna speak about me in their dungeons
You ever seen a beam when it functions?
So my brother why you faking
Funny 'cause I ain't seen the butter that you makin'
But you got lip
Brother why you hating
Cause besides dried fruit there ain't nothing that you raising
The beast is back
The animal got loose
The kid from Mamelodi East is back
And he a pick of the scum
And Like a porn star with cancer nigga
I'm as sick as they come

[Verse 4: Blaklez]
Behind bars I'm a cool cat, true fact
Flow so precious the lines I spit are too fat
I move past these dudes fast
They don't know how to act
Always chase pussy
That't the problem with these new cats
I kicks it
Best of the best shit
Naa'mean, shake the crowd, Michael J Fox style and Ali
I don't walk on egg shells
I break you was Humpty
I'm dope and I give the whole audience the munchies
What happened to rap
These fuckers never fucked with us
They keep us in the bleachers so we gotta watch em fuck it up
I feel like Joe Budden in the days of Pump It Up
I gotta dumb it down so the radio can pump it up
So I gotta rap about the girls that I get
The money I got
The car that I'm in
The watches I cop
The bottle the models I pop
Cause I'm tryna be hot
How do I escape this fake life that's in front of me bruh!