In My City

“’In My City’ is a very personal project for me. I intentionally put the skyline of Johannesburg on the cover as a tribute, South Africa is the most vibrant dance nation I know globally. I am grateful to be a part of its heartbeat and feel that I spiritually and musically now live in a place which I really call home. I am #InMyCity.” - Ralf GUM

Jumping straight in on the No.1 spot on iTunes South Africa on day of release and already one of the most celebrated albums of 2014 in the motherland, House veteran DJ/producer Ralf GUM unleashes his third album, ‘In My City’, unto the rest of the world on his acclaimed GOGO Music label.

Moulded with his soulful, organic signature sounds,‘In My City’ is a tapestry of beautifully weaved songs and features local South African and international artists - established and upcoming. These include top drawer artists such as the inimitable Hugh Masekela, 'My love for his tone on the trumpet never faded', says Ralf, who grew up listening to Hugh. Many years later upon meeting, the two clicked instantly and whipped up two songs for the album: the gorgeous love song 'With Her Hand' and voices the topic of over population on 'In The City'.


# Title Length
1 With Her Hand 5:06
4 Free (Is All I Wanna Be) 6:04
5 The Pap 5:49
6 In the City 7:56
9 Love Core 6:56