31 August(freestyle )

I woke up with my body full of hope
Running through my veins, I was so happy
Where is fairness? shit is lacking
Gimme 2 shots, and a mic
I don't understand, what you doing?
Waiting for my chance, never came
They screaming in the hall, was so great
Bitches screaming loud for they boys

Got good moves but the music...
Clapping they hands when you on it
Ironic , mean the other
Now we gotta vote for your bullshit
Got me checking texts, for no reason
Throw a peace sign grab a cab
Tried to hit you up for a cuddle
In the fucking cab, you in my mind

Find me chilling at the corner
Reminiscing at the corner
Got them beers and a vodka
Roam around, roam around yeah
Clear my head, watch the stars yeah
Got my niggas on the side yeah
You lift my mood with that smile
Come around when you miss me

Round it off, I had a bad day
How I wish I had not gone there
Waste my time finna pay me
What I wanted was a chance
Should've went and tried to force it
Used my money all for nothing
Gotta bounce and comeback hard yeah
First attempt, finna try again

Verse 2

When you said yes, gave me hope and I smile
Then you switch it up, put your niggas on the list
It was me and him, with nobody knowing us
Feeling like a loner, got me waiting for nothing
Ain't nobody care, like a nigga in a grave
But you cannot crush me, cause I pray a living God
Layin on my bed, thoughts high as a bird
Thinking 'bout my future, cause I wanna have it all
Got me thinking twice when I'm looking in the mirror
Do I really got it or 'am going through a phase
What they gonna say when I set my foot on the...
Like a dildo, I'll never ever fall