Say Something

Verse 1
Music is the best tool/ where a dude can express views/ cause it usually lets you/
son we use it to get school/ I’m refusing to let you fools/ ruin this huge intellectual
tool/ and not using it to spread truth/ who said you/ can use this music to get
jewels/ you spit useless tunes so units could get moved/ if you let loose to true
heads, you’d get boo’d/ cause we see through the stupid and that crew of buffoons/
son you’re blazing lyrically/ an amazing delivery/ you’re displaying ability/ but
you’re not saying ish to me/ not even occasionally/ you’re waiting a beat/ buy
dropping knowledge you’d literally making history/ so wait with the similies/ and
take the liberty/ to make a point on a joint cause it remains a mystery/ until Creative
get rid of me/ the faith is still in me/ to keep it real cause all that fake is killing me/

Verse 2
The mistake I’m finding/ is some of ya’ll rhyme for the sake of rhyming/ just placing
lines on a page with timing/ your lips is moving, but without any brains behind them/
you saying nothing you might as well be on stage miming/ see I believe in common
sense/ but since when is common sense all that common, hence/ when I hear
senseless I don’t comment since/ that’s where commercial nonsense begins and
conscious ends/ but I’m tired of keeping all my honest comments is/ and I’m tired of
letting it be like Common sense/ I kinda sense, there’s a lot counter sense/ too many
cats are trying to stack and count the cents/ if you gave me 10 cents for every 10
sentences/ with intense sense you would’ve been spending since/ I’ve counted since
all the cats about the ends/ there were thousands then/ but all that’s about to end.

Verse 3
Some of ya’ll use Logic to record but you never record with logic/ you ignore the topics that require thought and knowledge/ more knowledge that a 4 year course
in college/ you’re insulting the hip hop market that went and bought your garbage/
the problem is too many cats is in it for the profit/ to stop it I tell the market to listen
before they cop it/ they’re saying “Jack ish” like telling someone to shop lift/ it’s quite
shocking like sticking a finger in a socket/ it don’t take a rocket scientist to rock a
bit of science when you’re rocking it/ if anything it takes the opposite/ hip hop has
always been about being honest when you jot a script/ and I’m positive a lot of
rappers have forgotten this/ talk about a defeated object/ when an emcee releases
a project/ with the weakest concepts/ it makes me nervous like people speaking
of bomb threats/ we not just emcees, emcees are teachers from the on set/

Everybody can rap now say something
Everybody can rhyme now say something
Everybody got flow now say something
you stay fronting, when you say nothing.