Where Did She Go

Love ain't fair leaving you in despair
Without a trace of being there
But this time I’ve come prepared

I was on stage right kicking a rhyme at a show
She was finer than most looking like she's striking a pose
Her eyes had a glow she was staring right at the Pro
Or was she just liking the flow kid I was dying to know
I thought that if I stare back she'd be uncomfortable
How was I to know shorty would be loving it though
I wanted to go and ask her for a number to phone
But guess what she disappeared when I was done with the show
Where did you go…


She couldn't have just disappeared like that kid
What might've happened she was right here while I was rapping
You might've seen her blue jeans and white jacket
She had a backpack and her hair was tied back
I should've gotten off the stage when I spotted her first
I should’ve stepped up to shorty should’ve gotten to work
Besides when I first saw her I’d forgotten a verse
I fantasize about this shorty on top of the Verb
Where did she go…


Now a week and a half is up me and the peeps is at a club
And you know we acting up
Guess who I see I couldn’t believe that’s her
She crazy fine so fellas keep harassing her
Now I seen couple of cats gets dissed
I stepped up to ask her if me and her can chat real quick
She was like nah I’m still trying to dance a bit
Why don’t you just grab the digits and that was it


I called her up wasup you feel like making beats
Or just chillin there’s an ill movie On TV 3
She was down for sheezy she said PV please
Instead of TV3 lets hire DVD’s
But of course we didn’t watch it much
We started with a subtle touch
And drifted to a suck and stuff
Temperatures couldn’t be up enough
There was so much lust with us
We ended in a huff and puff
Where did she go…

On a bed of roses switching poses
Beauty that’s so fly
Had a smile that can stretch a mile
She’s got me on the high
Would she swim this old river Nile
Coz my past is rustier than an old stained file
I’ll smile cause she loves me… X3
Coz she wants me and she needs me
And she loves me and she loves me
And she loves me and she loves me