Sex drugs and Alcohol


Hip Hop is like sex before you get in you have to hard enough/ like sex some

Do it for the love and some just kcuf it up/ it’s like sex and I guess that makes

Me a nymph/ hip hop is like sex and record companies are the pimps/ like sex

Not everyone is good at it and some fake it/ like sex some force themselves in

Like they’re rapists/ it’s like sex so many artists are busy getting kcufed/ and

You’d be surprised how many suck/ Hip Hop is like sex virginity is broken at

All ages/ it’s like sex and some are going down like foreplay is/ hip-hop is like

Sex we’re all doing it we’re all rapping/ and I keep it coming like multiple

Orgasms/ it’s like sex you get the hardcore some people like it ruff/ it’s like sex

And I’m viagra I’m tryina get it up/ it’s like sex use protection and practice

Safe sex/ though some are shitty like latex right after gay sex/


This Industry is like Drug to the youthful nation/

Acute sedation/ of the senses usually makes ‘em think it’s real when it’s

Hallucinations/ [Cocaine] Radio is all a game that I call Cain/

Always slaying anybody able so the small brain/ always reigns

Addicted to all the fame/ callers calling in just to get their hits on again/

[Heroin] TV’s forever been endeavoring/ to Zero in

On your favorite Heroes and Heroines/

Shoot Em Up movies, straight to the vein/

Take it again/ cut! Faking goes straight to your brain/

[Marijuana] Print media leads ya to Baragwanath/

Where you wind up getting greedy and greedier for a Liner/

On the Front-page reading that “all the honor is yours”/

Take it in deep; puff your chest out, mfana 4 Sho/

It’s a Big Lie, designed for you to get high/

Temporarily In-Da S.T.R.Y (Industry)


(Alcohol) I’ll call emcees to raise the bar as if now\ take the vow\pass it down\like

The grapevine truth\you wasting time dude\ chasing the wine route\complaining you not

Famous cause the label decides to\ black with no reward\ at the end of the holocaust\

You begging for all you lost\like is the fucki’n law \ you need a liquor license\

Spitting that nigger science \you must’ve got twisted of the sifting process\ hard pressed\

The lyrics are God blessed\ the vintage is all sex\ so bottoms up no stress\ it’s corporate

worship like Telaviv\ that make bottles to auction out the emcee\ you don’t need to read

an essay B(SAB)\ to see the effect they have\ on delicate teens\ with dreds and weaves\

the felon is me\ spin doctor handsome pit star\ I’m still larger so you bupin off these harps\

the subtle approach\ is something I wrote\ sometimes Henny can blind you but not like a

toast\ your buds none the wiser\ cause he’s shouting the most\ he likes the sweet side of

effect that comes with the dope and the….


Sex Drugs and Alcohol/ let’s have a ball/ you dancing on platforms about to fall/

Watch your step young man don’t rush the floor it’s slippery don’t get deceived by the..