By now my pen knows the page/ it know what it’s supposed to say/ I flow for days/

A rhyme that’ll drive you crazy like road rage/ so buckle up whenever pro’s on stage/

Or risk being knuckled up like Mohammed Ali back in the olden days/ the pro can

Spray rhymes like Graffiti too/ hypnotize you like biggie do/ I’m destined to shine

Like a P. Diddy suit/ like allergies I’m sick of you/ battle me and get ridiculed/ I’m so

Phat it’s not rhymes its calories I spit at you/ I power down/ my brainstorms cause

Thunder shower sounds/ my over flows flood the market to make you cowards

Drown/ Stay on the charts you’re just visiting like you’re from out of town/ verb I can

Write an entire verse without noun/


I put the wack on stretches/ spend more time in the lab than Dexter/ get back at ex’s

Ask Zubz about ma last letter/ I raps better/ than an elf on Christmas eve/ I drop a

Punch line and leave myself in disbelief/ it’s a mystery like Magic is/ I spit with ease

Ask a kid/ if you’re the ish I’m a laxative/ A rapper is cat who uses words in lines/ the

Difference is an emcee uses verbs to rhyme/ I deserve to shine/ like a thought I work

Your mind/ always impregnating lines to give birth to rhymes/ I went from hungry to

Make it/ to starving and craving/ rappers is making it/ I’ll admit part of me is hating/

Like a split personality/ the kid verb has to be/ one of the few who puts it down a bit

Worse than gravity/ cause emcees carefully calculate rhyme patterns/ unlike rappers

They barely get their rhymes to add up/


If you ever need a better emcee/ you better let me/ cause emcees can rap but a

Rapper can never emcee/ emcees can kick raps that make rappers envy/ it might

Work but never vice versa evidently/ cause Emcees approach concepts from different

Angles/ we tackle issues that rappers can never handle/ I drop logic and science that

Rappers find awkward/ Hip hop’s an art to me I don’t write rhymes I draw words/ my

Rhyme book got more lines and hooks than fisherman/ try and look you bout to get

Schooled like I caught six of them/ Emcees are troublesome cats/ you need to

Understand one fact/ rappers kick bubblegum raps/ you get bruised in the face/ if

You choose to play this ish/ cause I got more hits than abusive relationships. I’m like

A bandage the more I rap the bigger the injury/ Peace to all the hip hop heads that

Are feeling me.


I’m like a modern day shaft I say strapped with A-class lyrics

Stopping all you fake cats like Break pads fitted

I don’t play that, it stays fact I hate wack gimmicks

What. This is payback, play it back and listen