My Vers'd Love

Ah, African s’lala baf’wethu
Eish, this is my love song to hip hop

[Verse 1]
I had a crush on you in 95
Lusted you but I was shy
What to do I must decide
You must've knew I was the guy
That sent you the note in class
And asked the folks to pass it
Had you noticed that I had a poem in the back
Young and fine in school
You hung with the kinda cool
If only you knew what I would do
To spend time with you
Met through a mutual friend
Introduced by the pen
Been trying to get to know you ever since
Hip hop I love you…

Hip-hop I love you
Hip-hop I'm in love with you
Hip-hop I’m in love with you

[Verse 2]

I’ve been keep keeping it real behind the mic I speak what I feel
So when I die just read the sleeve I’m not leaving a will
The crowd had me believing I’m ill and I needed to chill
Before it got to my head like a drug fiend and a pill
Speaking of skills at times the rhymes get deeper than drills
Want me to prove it come closer take a seat and I will
Rhymes are priceless can’t afford them with even a mill
My heads are soldiers and I’m the sergeant leading the drill
If you ain’t rapping raw what are you rapping for
My rapping is more unforgettable that Nat King Cole
I’m cracking jaws hater are running back in-doors
I come at a price like Marriage and wack in-laws
The crowd is always trapped in ore more is what they always asking for
As props keep coming back and forth
From scribbling graffiti rhymes behind bathroom doors
To releasing a project what for
Coz Hip hop I love you


[Verse 3]

Look I’m determined to make it
Worse than a craving I’m burning to break in
Through All this waiting I’ve learned to be patient
Verb is amazing so is this beat have you heard this arrangement
Enabling you to relate to the words on my pages
I’m, making sure that haters are hitting the curb on the pavement
They trying to hold me back like I was a bird that’s been caged in
Using combination of word placement that makes sense
Constructing superb statements hurting you fake men
The rhyming? I spit rhymes with exceptional timing
This is not an album this here is a collectors item
It's the best assignment so when I demonstrate expect a riot
As for the haters they get left behind it
If this is in your tape deck rewind it
Stay testifying it’s worth using your paycheck to buy it
On every single playlist you’ll find it
It’s some great hits combined with
Lyrics that’ll straight test your mind kid


[Verse 4]

Ah Hip hop I knew I loved you
When every one thought I was crazy
I would wear school pants like really low
You know stay in trouble for that
My mom didn’t understand it at the time you know
She thought it was evil
Praying for me whatever you know
But yo hip hop I loved you
And I stayed with you man you know
Till I met cats like Zee cats like Stephoscope
These cats were like were like the preachers man
Who made it official between me and you
You know then I say I do you know
Forever y’all, Hip hop I love you