Microphone Sweet Home

**Samples of Martin Luther King speech**
I’m happy to join with you today
In what will go down in history
As the greatest demonstration
Now is the time…

(Heads) I time is now, rhymes is down, shine is found,
We have re-defined the sound.
(Heads) listen here this the year
To spit the real and make the wackness disappear
(Heads) together we stand divided we fall
(Heads) the better we can provide them a war
We played the background long enough
We'll never back down rap's now strong enough.

I have a dream that real emcees will win awards
Cats who've been ignored by the industry before
The underdogs that are giving more and their living for
The bigger cause that our hip hop will hit abroad
In terms of level of sales and rate at which it's bought
I have a dream of seeing an SA emcee in the Source
A double H P poster in the centerfold
I have a dream of platinum sales minimum gold
A tour bus with all of us touring across African borders
While television Networks record us
I have a dream of being on stage when I perform this
Seeing the crowd respond to metaphors not just the chorus
I have a dream of writing articles in magazines
That'll explain hip-hop is more than just a baggy jeans
In fact it seems the whole culture is misunderstood
They say we portray the bad listen while I spit some good
It's not all about me Verb I want all emcees to be heard
And get the respect that they deserve
I have a dream that I'll spit real until I die or get killed
Like Jerusalem this Is-real


It's all definite we're a force to be reckoned with
Using thought as a weapon in this here war we expect to win
Be victorious yet again bringing all of the elements
Dj's graffiti arts and b-boys to get in spins
From young emcees to veterans wannabe's get your pens
It's no coincidence they call us heads coz we’re ahead of them
Initiating new recruits to let them in
Schooling the youth that truth in music is relevant
I have a dream that African hip-hop is the future
My thoughts are parallel to Martin Luther King junior
Coz I too have seen the promise land and what it looks like
If you haven't tasted freedom you need to read my book twice
I have a dream of seeing more rap TV shows
Local releases packed in CD stores
More high rotations at more radio stations
Local vs. international ratios changed quick

[Chorus] X 2

Free at last, free at last
Thank God Almighty we are free at last