Lets Go

[Verse 1]

Where ma soldier’s is at/ ProVerb is back/ blowing this track/ like I’m holding

A gat/ see I’m known to attack/ on a flow that is wack/ so much colder in fact/

That it snows when I rap/ (lets go) more lines than a road on a map/ more like

War rhymes running over you cats/ you’re a coward if you got a bullet hole in

The back/ cause it means you were running kid I’ll show you the facts/ my lines

Make you high like I sold you the crack/ coke in a sack/ and you’re choking on

That/ your flow is a drag/ like you smoking a fag/ nope, not the type that gets

Poked in the ass/ I can go to the lab/ get behind the mic/ and start quoting a

Track/ that I wrote in the pad/ or I can kick it off the dome like a hat/ till I’m

Told it’s a rap/ cause I’m known for that/

[Verse 2]

I’m declaring a war/ preparing you for/ a revolution worse compared to

Before/ armed with metaphors and I’m ready to draw/ at haters and cause

Blood-shed on the floor/ my army is full of hip hop heads in the force/ who

Dare to come forth/ born bread for the cause/ at ease, stand at attention report

Forward march lets head to their shores/ left right step to their doors/ put a red

Light to the head then pause/ look ‘em dead in the eye we don’t care for

Remorse/ split the head and the mind like parents divorce/ I’ll say it again

Though I’ve said it before/ we won’t stop till wackness is dead like a corpse/

Spread it across/ surrender and loss/ is unacceptable we ending this war/


(Lets go) Put your chest out

Put your best out

Right arm on the forehead your left down

(Lets go) Left right ya’ll

I don’t like war

But I might just fight for the right cause