[Verse 1]

My heart speaks in the language of heart beats
My heart speeds when glad
When sad my heart bleeds
My heart needs my brain to listen
To carefully Translate the rhythms into the mind and paint a vision
My heart can see Further than the eye
My heart carries burdens when I cry
It’s hard to word ‘Em in a rhyme
My heart has heard of a time when pain was all it knew
It’s Like a burglary my heart’s been broken in two
My heart carries the scars my heart is cautious
My heart has learnt from the trauma that ex’s caused it
My heart takes longer to love Longer to forgive
But my heart beats stronger than drums as long as I live
Experience has taught my heart defense mechanisms
My brain is hard-Headed and hence it never listens
My heart can strike back much harder than That
In fact, you can get killed in a heart attack

[ Chorus ]

(Shhh) Shut your mouth and let the heart speak
Put your mic against the chest and hear your heart beat

[Verse 2]

My heart speaks in the language of heart beats
My heart feeds the rest of Me via the arteries
My heart could be hard to see
When I got beef and Love is hard to reach
My heart hardens kinda like heart disease
Then it Gets hard to breathe
That’s why I follow my mind cause if my heart could Lead
Things will get hard for me
My heart is incapable of a rational Decision
Just asking it to consider the facts is a mission
My heart can Start loving just like that
All of a sudden without consulting my brain
My Heart is stubborn
My hearts got a mind of its own
I put my mind into Rhymes and flows
My heart doesn’t mind it though
My heart goes where Heart chooses
I tried to put my heart into rock music
But my heart refused it
My heart even said pop was useless
It was a problem Houston
Till my heart met Hip Hop music


[Verse 3]

The heart of ProVerb
Is the heart of a soldier
If there was no more beat in my heart it’ll be over
Haters are fronting deep in their hearts the know they’re feeling me
My mind is in the industry my heart is still in Kimberley
Put my heart into rhyming
With the heart of a lion
You can connect a lie-detector to my heart if I’m lying
Beat is a horse or a camel
My heart of course is a saddle
I feel forced to heartless with no remorse in a battle
I feel like my minds mute and my heart talkative
Or my mind’s blind and my heart’s a walking stick
And right now it the other way around it’s unfortunate
My heart can conceive an idea before my mind has thought of it
Perhaps we should think with the heart and love with the brain
So we can take a headache tablet for heartache and pain
Or better yet we should take the heart and bring it up
To the brain and combine the the two I’m thinking love