It's over

Ohh shit Big Pro is back

And we Beatmaking it

2005 to 2000 and now, timeless shit

And I’m bringing the streets with me on this one

Duck down… now

Get the fuck out of my way it’s my turn to spit

Sit your ass down punk you might learn some shit

Let’s burn some stick, now watch the return of the sick

The streets is back you never thought we’ll earn this bit

Guess what you bastards we maintain it now

It’s been a long time coming but we made it now

I done rap rhymes properly you can’t blame it now

And the aim is to change the whole game but how

Give me the mic and I’ll give you a perfect example

How to rock a human’s body from the head to the ankle

Rubbing the wrist the pain and the hurt from the shackles

All you biters better spit coz I’m ruining the apple

Fools are weak I’m strong and I’m chasing them all

Three hot 16’s and I’m lacing them all

Blazing them all filling up the stadiums sure

That’s if we get more gigs than a Pentium four


It’s over…over … over

When the beat blows up the building

Don’t say I never told ya… told ya… told ya

And when I’m the building because

Coz I’m still the street soldier… soldier… soldier

Keep your head down boy

And don’t look above your shoulder… shoulder… shoulder

Don’t tell me about cats when the streets don’t feel them

Underground most wanted and I’m here to kill them

They say I bore them to death yeah ofcoz I drill them

Get pushed back Big Pro is up in the building

Changed the game with flows and I spit for sure

And change the name coz Pro is not a kid no more

I split your jaw you never heard shit so raw

And Beatmaker done made the whole hit before

Four minutes and a couple of seconds

While we doing raw spitting like the hustle of rapping

You can call it raw fitness coz your muscles I’m stretching

Excuse me, but this whole struggle is stressing

Never made it this big just to pimp and ball

But to spit on you suckers till you sleep and fall

To my soldiers just load up your clips and draw

And all you faggots better lye down and hit the floor

Come on…


It’s big moves this year when I’m blessed for real

And if I make you sick then don’t test the ill

Contest me still, watch if I’m massive skilled

Camouflage with the glock when I’m dressed to kill

Without a question haters wanna test my passion

Try me dogg you dealing with a Saudi Western

Body action guaranteed with loud effect and

That the streets is what I’m forever proudly repping

J-sec, KZN, Port Eli’ and Cape Town

Pretoria keep standing you know we great now

We made it big so let them hate now

The beat’s got emotion there’s no need to break down

We had these raps from when we begin

Start small end big that’s the general plan

Ready to win, even though there’s envy within

But in the name of hard work we’ll be at it again

[Chorus] X 2

Yeah from the streets

Game over… over


Yo don’t you think we should get more tokens

Just in case they got game…