A true measure of an artist’s growth is their ability to experiment far away from their chosen genre and still get it right. Prokid did a lot of lab test with his latest and fifth offering, Continua. As I listened I got a sense that he was having a lot fun making this album, for all one knows it could have been a subliminal celebration that he is doing this without TS Records.
His first single Makasana is like being in a triathlon – from 120-135 BPM to 120-128 BPM to 60-110 BPM (BPM = Beats Per Minute). It might confuse you at first but soon enough you start jamming and even do a ‘dougie’.
Pro reveals his softer (romantic) side when he collaborated with Bucie on a track Luv U Better and also on Get It On.
If you thought kwaito was dead then Pro resurrected it on Um’futho where he features Brickz. I found myself sobbing when I first heard the song. Nostalgia! The track was produced by Mandla Spikiri Mofokeng. I wasn’t surprised. Another track that will soon make airwaves is Anivulen’indlela featuring Ma E from the group Teargas.


# Title Length
2 Makasana 4:54
17 Umfutho 4:03