Am on it

[Verse 1]
Still pourin and still poppin (still porin)
Am a road block and you niggas is stopin (You niggas stopin)
Still talkin or still floppin? (what? what you do nigga?)
Mountain top and you still climbin (Still climbin man)
Am a hard rock like oh yah (Oh yah!)
See me fly and say oh God (Oh God)
In this uptown we so fly (We so fly)
These streets talk and I confirm!
My hommies does what I does (Nigga)
Two bitches in only one night (Nigga)
I stay loyal to my grind (Nigga)
My niggas is runnin this town (Nigga)
Through this run they all that I got (Nigga)
Aim and Shoot for the stars (Nigga)
You only hit one, you gotta go hard (Yep! Gotta go hard)


I feel myself with my niggas
And am gone
I hold it down with my niggas
And am on it
Yeah I run the streets with my niggas
Now game on
I got OG's now I got Luis now
And am gone [X2]

[Verse 2]

These streets made me
These streets changed me (Oh yeah you made me man)
Wear your fake chains
And scream fuck you pay me !(Yo fuck you pay me)
But keep watch as am paper chasin
Moon walk like Micheal Jackson while these hoes are watchin
In this rap shit I penetrate in
Bury those who penetratin
kill em with my success
Let me go and write they obituary
So romantic like August
But with love songs like February
Real Nigga I define that! You ain't need no dictionary
Y'ain't about that life dawg so yo shit ain't appetizin (No)
I do the same shit everyday so take that as exercisin (Flexin)
Everythin that I does (Nigga)
That watch you wish you had done (Nigga)
Aim and shoot for the stars
You only hit one you gotta go hard (Nigga)

[Hook] [X2]