Thotiana Freestyle

Yow, It's Prince-Junior

Buss Down Thothiana
I Juss Fucked A Girl I Think It's Your Baby Mama
Pussy So Wet Niqqa Hit It With No Rubber
I'm Using That Bitch But She Thinks That I Love Her

Fuck Hoes, I Don't Love A Thot If She's Broke
Hit It Than I Pass To Gang, It's Bro Code
No Ice On Me Buh A Niqqa Too Cold
I'm From Umlazi 031 That's My Zone

PJR That's The Name
I Want The Money Not The Fame
Niqqas Hating Everyday
Coz I Be On My Hustle Shit, I Ain't Takin No Brakes
I'm Gonna Keep Rapping Till The End Of Days
Coz I Don't Wanna Be Struggling, I Wanna Get Paid
I'm In The Spotlight, Niqqas Still Throwing Shades
I Do What I Do Coz I Wanna Get The Bread
I Hate Curvey Roads, That's Why I'm Going So Straight

Flexing On These Niqqas, They Hatin Because They Know I'm Lit
Coming From The Gutter, I Guess That's Why They Say I Am The Shit
Fuck Old Niqqas, I'd Rather Be Hanging With Kids
Call The Cops Coz I Just Murdered This Beat