Born To Win

They Wanna Tell Me Am Born (Born)
I Know Everything And Am Boy (Born)
I Regret What I Did
They Took Her In front Of Me
I gut The Crush
On The Streets
I know She will Let Me in
Oh My God She Is The One
Don't Act Like You Me

Still Bluffing On My Crush
She wanna Roll a gangja
Let Her Jump on A see
All I Know Am Gonna
I regret what I did
My Nigga,Nigga On The Streets
still Bluffing on my crush
She is So smart when I think
baby girl you the one
baby turn on me
I got izaka to turn
look at the beach we fund
we played the time is gone
Thought Of My Crush On The Streets
She is so smart when I think
No Thanks For Nun


verse 2
still Bluffing on my crush
ama boy hitting first
now it gon' missing
they lost three letters
they wanna kill yeah yeah
its fate killing first
is three guys The
looking she is so smart
guys on my god
I put it on begin
no ,No trip no life
barcadi on Section
look at Carves
look at my girl
she wanna have it She gut The Fragounce
damn yeah

yeah baby yeah yeah yeah
baby yah
yeah ah baby wanna have baby
wanna baby